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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. My dear most beloved brother Eric wilson and family in Christ Love,

    Heartily greetings to you and your family and to all of your Churches members in the Mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

    Thank you brother for your kind E-mail reply and information, and I understood very well about your great work, in this time i request you to please pray for our poor pastors and for our Orphan Children, and for our Churches,  and provide your kind helping hands for my ministry needs, and brother please come to India, our place and see my work, WELCOME,  and brother Eric, we are every day praying for you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ,  i will be prayerfully waiting for your kind reply,
    Pastor. N.John,
    S India,


  2. Ericka Triebwasser

    Do you have a sermon on the “make up industry”? I remember hearing you talking about it at Newport church, WA but i can not find anything in internet. If yuo have a sermon on this topic I would love to have it.

    Thank you so much, and the Lord bless your ministry abundantly.
    Ericka Triebwasser

    1. isaiahministries

      Good evening sister Ericka,

      I apologize for the delay in sending this reply. My family and I have moved to a new location since
      I was there in Washington, and I am working diligently to catch up on the work and having the ministry office back in order.
      Here are the links to the messages from the Watch & Pray Conference there in Newport, WA last december. And also our email address in case you have any questions. – Ichabod, the abominations that make desolate ! part.1 – Ichabod, part.2 – Yoga, Pantheism and the Poison of Serpents, part.3

      New Series also from Secrets Unsealed: – The Time is at Hand ! part.1 – The Shaking ! part.2 – Elijah and the Coming Kingdom of God ! part.3 – The Latter Rain, Restoring the Glory of God ! part.4

      Our email and new phone number is:
      (828) 687-0055

      May our Saviour and Mighty God bless and keep you this week,
      strong in faith and the unfailing power of His Life-giving Word !

      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries
      P.O. Box 237
      Mountain Home, NC 28758

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